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Mixer Control Box


Hindle Controls can supply this Mixer Control Box in any volume you require.  Suitable for McPhee Mixers. We can manufacture the Mixer Control Cables[sitetree_link,id=486] to suit.

Heater Controls


Hindle Controls can supply heater controls for HVAC control systems.  We also manufacture the control cable to suit. These type of controls offer a rotary to linear...

B10 Hand Control


The Kongsberg Automotive B10 Hand Control is designed to provide a robust solution to a wide range of control requirements, including power take-off applications, throttle controls, mechanical shifting,...

DA3000 Dual Axis Control


The DA3000 is a high quality control, used to remotely operate two hydraulic valves, such as front loader systems on tractors.

Light Load Valve Control


The Kongsberg Automotive Light Load Value Control (LLVC) is designed to provide remote control of high pressure hydraulic valves, such as directional control spool valves. The valves and...

Remote Valve Control


The Kongsberg Automotive Remote Valve Control is designed to provide remote control of high pressure hydraulic valves, such as directional control spool valves. The valves and controls can...

B70 Hand Control


The B70 control has been designed to fulfill a wide range of application requirements. The B70 control is versatile due to the option available like different gate...



Considered the best by boat builders, these new controls feature superior styling, a compact design, positive lockout and smoothest feel available and they’re now standard equipment on ski...

Side Mount Control - CH2800 / CH285...


CH2800 Features unique twistgrip switch for control of Bow thruster or windlass. Designed for steering pedestal or cockpit well mounting.

CH5600 Controls


  Stylish top mount control Single action design (one lever for throttle one for shift) CH5600 patented SLT technology prevents throttle creep Superior twin station performance Polished stainless...

CH7500 Top Mount Controls


With focus on ergonomics in every detail. The result is an engine control which is rugged and substantial, yet feels natural in every function. *Key Features*   Precise, smooth,...

Osprey Series CH7800 Controls


The ergonomics and features of our Osprey Series controls are the most advanced available and are suitable for most kinds of boat/engine applications. The shapely, balanced handle provides...